Marketing resource for educators and interpreters

I come to the world of marketing as an educator who works in informal learning environments. 

Slimeball marketing and education don’t go together. I have long struggled with how to bring attention to educational initiatives and have been looking for a way to do marketing without employing slimeball techniques.

I found my solution.

It’s called modern marketing, and you can learn about it in This is Marketing, a new book by Seth Godin.

To my surprise, modern marketing and cultural and heritage interpretation have something in common — both involve empathy, respect, and thoughtful action that benefits others.

Marketing that resembles interpretation? 

Imagine my surprise!

If you are an educator, interpreter, or are involved in education outreach of any kind, I recommend adding This is Marketing to your library. It is a resource that will help you think deeply about the people you seek to serve and the change you want to make.

If you would like to do immerse yourself in the principles of this thoughtful approach to marketing, consider enrolling in the seminar that inspired this book.  You won’t be sorry. It is 100 challenging and enlightening days you will not regret.

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