Connecting in community spaces

Freelance informal educators create change in many settings.

What started as a hunch, became an assertion when I launched the project The Freelance Condition and Lifelong Learning in Communities. Since then my statement has been confirmed by the independent professionals who have shared their stories with me. With each story, the list of places where freelance educators connect with the public gets longer. In my survey, I allude to the usual venues such as museums, nature centers, gardens, historical sites, etc. What educators have told me in their own words is that they work in 39 other settings as well. As quickly as this list has grown, I expect it to become longer as my investigation continues.

I think of all freelance educators as interpreters, even though they might not all identify with the title. These interpreters may be artists who are inspired by nature or people with full-time jobs who freelance on the side connecting people with nature, place, and community.

Where do you engage with the public as a freelance educator working in informal learning environments?

Tell your story.

Tania Marien