Early insights

Recently I submitted a summary of my project for the conference proceedings of the 47th Annual Conference of the North American Association for Environmental Education. Although my investigation is still in its early stages, I was able to offer some insight into the information I have been gathering thanks to the generous freelance educators who have shared their stories with me. These insights are:

  • Freelance educators in different stages of their career have shared their story with me.

  • Early data suggest freelance educators identify more with the role of educator or interpreter than any other role.

  • Almost 2/3 of the educators who've shared their story (n=34) participate as exhibitors or vendors at public events.

  • More than 85% of the educators surveyed feel their work makes a positive impact on peoples' lives.

These insights represent only a tiny glimpse into the information shared with me so far. The bulk of the information I've received has come in the form of responses to open-ended survey questions and through conversations with educators. This information is deep and rich with insight. 

If you feel this project is worthwhile, please encourage fellow freelance educators to learn more about participating so that together we can articulate how freelance educators create change and better understand how the public learns about nature and the environment throughout their lives.

Tania Marien