It's Still Early

I have had a podcast for two months and three days now. I started this work last fall in the The Podcast Fellowship, one of the Akimbo workshops created by Seth Godin. I've been so busy reading, learning, listening, and wearing headphones that time has flown by quickly and often unnoticed. There have been a couple of moments however where I have stuck my head up to notice the time.

In January I remember being busy with all sorts of things related to the launch of the podcast and thinking, "Wow, it's still only January. What a busy month."

Today I thought, "Wow, the podcast is only two months old. Look at how much ground you've covered."

None of this, the progress or the pace, would've been achievable on my own. It is working with and learning from my peers in The Podcast Fellowship that has made my forward movement so dramatic. In all my years as an independent educator, I have never experienced such accelerated progress and have never worked with others so closely, purposely, and professionally that together we generate a wave that carries us all.

This is the power of WE.

Tania Marien