'The Art of Relevance' and informal learning

At its heart, relevance is about living in the creative tension between evangelizing for the things you care about and listening with interest to what others care about. It's about radiating the inside out and inviting the outside in. -- Nina Simon

The Art of Relevance is written by Nina Simon, former Executive Director of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History and the founder/CEO of OF/BY/FOR ALL. This book is a collection of experiences and field notes resulting from Simon's ongoing exploration of relevance, why it matters, and what its limitations are. While Simon's professional work has been mostly in the museum field, her invaluable insight applies to any organization seeking to change the experiences it offers.

Read this book to learn:

  • How to matter more to more people.

  • How to reach the people who do not enter the spaces you create.

  • How to build a bigger room through social bridging.

  • How to recognize the dangers of irrelevance.

There are many valuable examples in this book, and it is impossible to write a succinct review addressing the lessons learned from each of them. The best way to learn more about Nina Simon, her work, and the book is to visit the Art of Relevance website. Here you will be able to view Nina Simon's short TEDx talk about relevance and read several chapters of this book online.

Also, take a moment to learn about Simon’s current initiative OF/BY/FOR ALL, an initiative dedicated to establishing community organizations that are reflective of their communities, built by their communities, and open for all to enjoy.

Tania Marien