It used to be jury service began with someone taking your jury summons, looking you in the eye, and telling you to sit down.

It has been many years since I’ve been asked to report for jury service. This time the impact technology has had on the experience was clear.

Upon entering the assembly room, summoned jurors encountered a sign stating they needed to check-in at the kiosks on the other side of the room. The clerk reinforced this directive by telling people to get in line, check-in, and sit down.

I know this process makes things easier for the clerks. It just feels so processed. The line to get into the building is long because you need to go through security. The line to check-in as a juror is long because everyone is waiting for their turn to scan their summons.

The clerk said it best.

“One line after the other. That’s how it works around here.”

How does it work where you are?

Tania Marien