Podcasting as a learning tool

Reviewing missed field trips.

Presentations about famous scientists.

Poster presentations.

These are some ways teachers describe using podcasts in their classrooms in the article Podcasting in the Science Classroom by Debra Shapiro.

Shapiro explains teachers credit podcasting with helping students develop scriptwriting skills, research skills, and presentation skills. She writes that teachers feel podcasting helps students step out from behind texting and allows them to practice being verbal. Teachers also claim podcasting helps students develop the ability to listen which, unfortunately, employers say, is students’ weakest skill. Shapiro goes on to explain that teachers like podcasting because it lets students show that their knowledge matters and gives students ownership over their projects.

Find out more about using podcasting as a learning tool by reading Podcasting in the Science Classroom, the front-page article in the April 2019 issue of NSTA Reports, the newspaper of the National Science Teachers’ Association. This article is also available online.

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Tania Marien