Find the time

On the first page of the book World Enough and Time: On Creativity and Slowing Down, author Christian McEwen tells a story about Gulliver. The same Gulliver from Gulliver's Travels. She explains that when the Lilliputians saw Gulliver's watch, they thought of it as some "wonderful kind of engine."

She goes on to say that the Lilliputians thought that this watch must have been Gulliver's God because he was always consulting it and that it seemed to dictate every action of his life. Sound familiar?

Have you been searching for more time? 

Has something been telling you to slow down? 

Have you been silencing your creative impulses? 

If so, then now is the time to read the book World Enough and Time: On Creativity and Slowing Down.  

I know that between freelance work, family, and all the other responsibilities you have in your life that it's challenging to find time to read a book. Today I respectfully challenge your thinking and say that you might want to read this book.  

When Christian McEwen talks about slowing down, she doesn't mean merely removing one or two items from your list. What she means is to slow down by physically slowing down.  

McEwen encourages walking instead of running. Writing with pencil and paper instead of typing and doing whatever it takes to stop subjecting your body to what she calls "hurry sickness." 

McEwen encourages readers to make time to speak with people in person. She also encourages people to:

  • Learn how to do nothing.

  • Spend time with a child.

  • Go for a walk.  

  • Learn how to look.  

  • Read a book.  

  • Keep a journal.  

  • Stop multitasking.  

  • Take a break.  

  • Dream.  

  • Learn to listen.  

  • Be grateful. 

While this may sound simple enough to do, there is a reason why these simple acts are the focus of her 367-page book. McEwen says our culture has either forgotten how to do them, or these simple acts have been deemed to be too time-intensive and impractical for daily life.

In World Enough and Time, McEwen explains why the activities she proposes are important and shares with you fascinating history, research, and stories. She also provides you with tactics so you can make the changes to your busy life that you probably already know are way overdue.  

In World Enough and Time, McEwen's message is simple.

Value slowness. Create an affluence of time.

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Tania Marien